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Welcome to Chain of Faith {dot} com.

Welcome to the newed version of C.O.F or Chain of Faith {dot} com. My name is Akikaze Senna, the owner of this website. This site mostly has graphics that are done by me and lots of information about things I like and all. This site is like mixture of my personal life and graphics. So I hope you guys enjoy your stay and let me know if you guys have any suggestion to improve this website. I'll keep that in mind and try to put your ideas into it. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy your stay.

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Lost My Motvations Again...

Sorry no updates again. I just really lost motivation after several incidents happened. To summarize them...

1. Two Affie Request Declined/Rejected.
2. Lost most of my online friends for no reason
3. Real Life Issues
4. Rainy Weather

Yes, I got rejected twice in a row to become someone's Affie. That really played a HUGE role on this lose of motivation. Yes I know my graphic sucks and everything so I guess I don't deserve to be their Affie. I might just switch this website to my blog so I can rant all I want without anyone caring and stuff. I just don't feel like doing it anymore seeing as how I'll never be like anyone else... so if you see a closed sign in the future, don't be surprised.

For some reason from a certain day, online people stopped talking and caring about my existence. So I figured I'm not needed much online so I just decided that I should just leave this whole online world since no one cares and no one wants me here. I'll manage to survive alone without any friends... online people don't know how to appreciate what I do for them...

I won't talk about real life issue since it depresses me the most so skip! And rainy weather you know how people get depressed...

Anyhow, I might close down my website again since I can't get myself new affies and I don't get enough visitors... I'm sorry to Crystal-chan and Tsu who welcomed me back, but I don't think it was worth coming back after all...


Posted on 18 Jan 2010 by Senna

Mandie @ 21 Jan 2010 09:17 pm

I really hope you don't leave! You're nice comments in my shoutbox really lifted by day, you come off as a wonderful person. I would actually love to be affliates but wasn't sure if I should ask.

Meroko @ 21 Jan 2010 09:18 pm

oh btw...I go by Meroko online...somehow I just put Mandie instead...my real name. EPIC FAIL.

Crystal @ 31 Jan 2010 10:01 am

I'm sorry to hear about beening declined,but don't let that get you down. It happens to me and yeah I feel really bad afterwards. But I get over it. Hey if they don't want to link with you then its there loss right! I have had people do that and remove me from there list for whatever reason they could come up with. I worked to hard on my site to shut it down for that. So have you , so don't give up keeping going!

As far as the online friends I don't chat with any of them anyway lol. Well your really the only one I don't even talk to Refi-chan from TheO any more. I try so hard to keep up with that part of my online life, but its no good. Its kinda sad because I don't keep up with that part I lost a lot of good friends. Hiko doesn't even email me anymore TOT He was my little buddy!

Anyway don't leave just yet! Try to keep your site going I know its hard heck my site is pretty dead. You just have to give it time I'm sure things will turn around.

Sasha @ 08 Feb 2010 02:29 pm

I know how you feel, people online do move on if you don't update. They're not your real friends. I wouldn't say give up, it's probably a design block (we get it all the time...) when we can't think of ideas and begin to doubt our skills.

I'm thinking of making layout requests, if you'd like one then please contact me at vizune@live.co.uk

I personally prefer to be affiliates with friends. I think if you pick the right people or maybe get to know web owners first and chat with them, they'll "accept" you.

I don't think you graphics are bad by judging from your avatars. You have a lot of empty pages and I think a more organised main layout and you'll go far. I might use some of your PNGs... ;)

Natty @ 12 Feb 2010 03:09 am


I found your site through Blasphemic's Secret Santa site, and I just felt I had a few things to say regarding you wanting to close your site and give up your online existance.

One word: Don't.

Okay technically that's two words.

Everyone gets rejected with their affiliation requests. The reasons can range from not liking the graphics you host, being so stuck up they don't think you're worth their time, or simply that they don't have an available space. Trust me, I've seen them all - as has any host of a graphical website. The best thing to do is smile and move on, or ask for a link exchange instead. That way you always have the link to hand if you ever have the opportunity to re-apply. The trick is to never EVER give up. Keep the faith. This website - from what I can tell - is still relatively new, and that in itself can turn off possible affiliates as they fear the site will be dead in a few weeks - as I've seen happen all too often. As Sasha has already said, broken or incomplete pages can affect an affiliates decision as well, so work hard to get something on every page!

Your graphics are good, and definitely worth continuing to work on. After all, you can only go up , right? If you keep putting yourself down, you'll never get anywhere! Keep reading tutorials, trying new things, and improving. With each passing day you'll get better and better. Even pro designers use tutorials, so don't be ashamed about them.

Natty @ 12 Feb 2010 03:10 am

Online friends who abandon you are not real friends at all. It can be hard, especially when you value them so highly, but just remember it happens to everyone. I've been betrayed by some close online "friends" - at least I thought we were close - and it hurts, but just remember, if they're prepared to do something so horrible to you, you're better off without them.

If you're having trouble getting visitors, try and apply for link exchanges. Usually every graphical website will have one, and the rules are never as strict as affiliation. They can help bring you traffic. Also, publicise your site at every available opportunity. It's hard work getting your site out there - I know - but definitely worth the hassle!

Don't give up. I'm always here for a chat if you need a stranger to talk to =)

Crystal @ 28 Feb 2010 09:49 pm

Hey Senns!!! I'm back after being sick for about two weeks or so. I took sometime to get some anime watching in XD Anyway I do you hope you stay I mean you just got back. Heck my site has already got shot died came back to live and then jumped off a cliff...Can't get much worse you know what I'm saying. But I keep going because I still like working on it. *hugs*

Crystal @ 06 Mar 2010 10:25 pm

Yea! I'm glad you got to see the layout and you like it. Oh a new layout thats so good! It means your going to stick around right? Other wise why make a new layout :D I can't wait!! lol I did a lot of drooling sadly it was in bed while I was sleeping lol. Well I hope your feeling better now. I just started to get sick again! I think this is just a head cold and nothing more. I tell you I was feeling fine until after the dentist. Then I started feeling sick again. Makes me wonder. lol your sister is a Gintama fan! right on!!! Gintama rocks :D That is such a funny show. Anyway I hope you have your layout up soon and thanks for the comment on the layout it makes me happy. Wow I'm really hooked on ALI PROJECT songs XD

Jae @ 08 Mar 2010 05:11 pm

I don't think that the number of affiliates and link exchanges matter, in all honesty. The number of pageviews your site gets also is irrelevant. Why get depressed about it?

I run my blog and design my website because I ENJOY it. I couldn't care less weather I got no viewers, commenters, affiliates; whatever. Designing and blogging is enjoyable for me, so I don't have to care about trivial details like that. I understand that it may be important to some people, but if it starts causing problems like in your case (depression, feeling like you should quit your hobby, etc), I think that that harms you negatively and isn't doing any good.

Jae @ 08 Mar 2010 05:12 pm

*I couldn't care less WHETHER...
Sorry for the typo.

Anyway, I hope you figure out something, Unni. I just feel that feeling discouraged and quitting isn't going to help you. :(

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