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This is where you can find the rules to affiliate with this website. Please read the rules carefully okay guys???? cuase some people are stupid to read the rules carefully. Hope we become affie soon.


1. Your website has to be something to do with the following:

2. Must be hentai-free website
3. Must have at least 3 contents. I don't want empty websites.
4. Must have kind and caring webmaster or webmistress
5. Has to have a well designed webpage
6. Please don't follow rule #10, just checking see if you guys are reading the rules or not.
7. lastly, must link me back with any sort of way.
8. Please check in with me at least once in two weeks so I know how much you love your affiliates!!!!!
9. If you want to put me off the list, you must notify me so I could remove you as well.
10. Nevermind! Put "blablabla" as password
11. put "cof banzai!" as password!!!!!
12. In the reason part, try to be detailed and long instead of just putting "Cause it's nice" or "Cause it's neat". At least more than 2 sentence or 3 sentense.

The form

I don't like those fancy submit forms so I'm just doing it the old way. If you have problem with this don't even try to request me anything haha. Just fill out the form below and email it to me.

1. Name
2. Email:
3. Website Title:
4. Website Url:
5. What is your Website about? (choose from the list above)
6. What are you applying for? (Affiliate or Link Exchange)
7. How did you hear about Chain of Faith?
8. Why do you want to apply as affie/link exchange?
9. Password?