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Be a Guardian

This is somewhat similar to "Marry a Character", but you get to claim to be a guardian of just anything. But remember, you cannot apply for the same character whom you applied in "marry a character". As long as it doesn't sound weird, I guess you can apply for anything like creature, an item, place, resident, etc. Here are the rules on things so read them carefully!!!


1. There are limits to how many times you can be a guardian of something. You can be guardian of 5 different items.
2. The item (such as characters, items, etc) can be taken unlimited for this one.
3. You can provide image if you are obsessed with particular picture (I know that feeling since I'm like that), but I will try to get the picture on my own. If you have a picture in mind, feel free to attach it to the email.
4. Check out the default template of how the certificate will look like. The only thing that would change is the background and the picture. I don't do creative certificates anymore because I'm busy in real life. I'm sorry! More template will be available in the future so keep your eyes out for them!
5. You must have a website of somesort to place this certificiate. If you don't have a website or a page I'm terribly sorry!
6. Please don't complain if you don't like how it looks like. Make your own if you are going to complain about how I do things.
7. I won't do your certificate if you a heartless ghost visitor. Please be nice to leave me a comment or something about the website on either update post or the tagboard.
8. Just have fun with it and don't torture me with emails. Please try to apply one thing at a time.



The Guardians

- none so far -


1. Name:
2. Email:
3. Website Url:
4. Character/Item Name:
5. Series he/she/it is from:
6. Favorit Color:
7. Preferred Font:
8. Preferred Image: (if you prefer to send me the url instead of sending it as an attachment)
9. Other detail I should know: