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Contest of the Month

What is Contest of the Month? Well the contest won't be hosted every single month because I might not have any good idea for it. It's a contest that I hold it that has goes for a month. Each month will have different assignments that you have to submit. Then at the end of the contest I will have a voting poll up for the people to vote. The contest will start when enough members join and then I will email them about the detail of the assignment. The assignment should be listed below so check it before joining.

Conditions for joining

1. You don't have to be my affie/sibling/link exchange to enter the contest.
2. I don't accept any sites with hentai/porn related materials on it.
3. Your site must be open. No under construction sites allowed to enter! Hiatus sites are welcome!
4. Please don't submit anything that has hentai. I will deal with yuri/yaoi though.
5. And please, no cheating during voting. Don't come by this page every second to cast a vote to your site or something. Let's play this fair, neh?


1st prize: prize banner + graphic coupon (for 3 usage)
2nd prize: prize banner + graphic coupon (for 1 usage)
3rd prize: prize banner

This Month's Contest

Spring Themed Wallpaper


None T^T

The form

I don't like those fancy submit forms so I'm just doing it the old way. If you have problem with this don't even try to request me anything haha. Just fill out the form below and email it to me.

1. Name:
2. Email:
3. Website Title:
4. Website Url: