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Request Graphics

These are the rules for you to follow while requesting me a graphic. Try your best to follow them because it is important.


1. You can request me the following graphics:
    - Avatar
    - Signatures
    - Buttons
    - Banners
    - Wallpapers
2. Please no hentai image when requesting it.
3. You have to provide image when requesting me the graphics. I don't have time to go search for images.
4. Don't pressure me to do them quickly because I have a thing call "life" just like you do.
5. You guys know that I'm not perfect so don't expect the requested graphic to come out as perfect as you want. Appreciate my effort and please no complaining. If you want to complain try to make one yourself.
6. Please check your emails often because I might ask you a question. (I have msn so if you have msn that would be the fastest way).

The form

I don't like those fancy submit forms so I'm just doing it the old way. If you have problem with this don't even try to request me anything haha. Just fill out the form below and email it to me.

1. Name:
2. Email: (if you have msn put that email)
3. Website: (if you have one)
4. Graphic type: (choose from the list up there)
5. Size:
6. Color:
7. Specific Text:
8. Specific Font:
9. Anything Detail: (like texture to use, type of brush to use, etc.)
10. Image url: