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Marry a Character

I know you guys just love doing this so I'm doing it as well. Just like what it says up there this page is for you fangirls/fanguys to marry your favorite character. This page breaks all the anime/game rules so its okay if the character is taken or alive or whatever. This page is under my rules so read them carefully before applying. Just to warn you guys, there are limited spots so don't hesitate and grab your spot before it is too late.


1. Like I mentioned above, there are limited number of how many times a character can get married. A character can be married to 3 different person. I will consider increasing the number if they get filled up quickly.
2. You have limited number of marriage as well. This is to make my workload less since without limit you guys will keep on throwing emails at me so I have to do this. You can get married 7 times because 7 is a lucky number.
3. This only applies to those who have known me before I closed down my site for period of time. I'm resetting your number. You "may" re-apply for the characters you have married before through my site.
4. You can provide image if you are obsessed with particular picture (I know that feeling since I'm like that), but I will try to get the picture on my own. If you have a picture in mind, feel free to attach it to the email.
5. Check out the default template of how the certificate will look like. The only thing that would change is the background and the picture of the guy in it. I don't do creative certificates anymore because I'm busy in real life. I'm sorry! More template will be available in the future so keep your eyes out for them!
6. You must have a website of somesort to place this certificiate. If you don't have a website or a page I'm terribly sorry!
7. I cannot check this, but please don't blackmail the girls for taking the character you wanted to marry and that character is filled up. Email me and tell me that the character you want is full and I will consider opening a spot for you. Please, I don't want any hatred going on.
8. Please don't complain if you don't like how it looks like. Make your own if you are going to complain about how I do things.
9. Don't hate me for this, but I don't accept homosexual marriages. I only want heterosexual going on so girls choose a guy, guys choose a girl okay?
10. Okay, I'm really busy in real life so please request one at a time. I don't have time to do all 7 at once.
11. I forgot to mention this as well, but I don't do divorce so choose carefully before applying!
12. Lastly, have fun and sorry that my rules are long and strict.


1. Wavy Heart
Heart 1

The Characters

Mikage - Tsukasa Himura
Sesshomaru - Crystal

The Countdown

Tsukasa Himura - 1
Crystal - 1


1. Name:
2. Email:
3. Website Url:
4. Character Name:
5. Series he/she is from:
6. Favorit Color:
7. Preferred Font:
8. Preferred Image: (if you prefer to send me the url instead of sending it as an attachment)
9. Other detail I should know: